This page contains all the terms and conditions before placing any order from the company. By submitting any order, the customer automatically agrees to a commitment from the specific terms and conditions

By submitting any order to the company, you guarantee that you are an adult from 18 years and over, or with the consent of your parents for the execution of the order and you accept the terms and conditions that will apply to any current or future order. None of the terms and conditions challenge the customer’s legal rights. No other terms or changes in the terms and conditions bind the customer unless it has been signed in writing by the company.

Personal information

All personal information provided by the customer to our company or obtained by the company, will be kept by the company as responsible for personal information. Personal information provided by the customer will be used for the smooth delivery of orders, payments, to provide offers and information about the company’s catalogs to the customer. Customer information is managed exclusively by our company and is not provided to third parties. The customer has the right to check the information held by the company. The customer is given the opportunity to ask the company to delete or correct his personal data found in the company’s files. By accepting the terms of the company the customer agrees with the above text.

Reasons for force majeure

Promotions outside the control of the company, which are not foreseeable, will be considered as reasons of force majeure, in the sense that the company is released from the obligation to implement any agreement. Examples of such reasons of force majeure are government acts, new or amended legislation, blockade, embargo, fire or flood, fraudulent acts, accident, war, natural disasters, strikes or non-delivery by the company’s suppliers. Reasons for force majeure also include government decisions which adversely affect the market and products, eg restrictions, bans, etc.


All products remain the property of the company until full payment by the customer. The listed price is valid on the day of purchase by the customer. Shipping costs and any taxes and fees are known by the customer before completing the order. If the customer is a minor under the age of 18, parental consent is required to complete any purchase. Shipments by our company are held and carried out by third parties through methods aimed at protecting products. Credit card information is not stored by the company and all information is passed through a secure SSL ENCRYPTION environment. Please read carefully the terms and conditions regarding the payment methods provided as they define any transaction. The company provides the possibility of sending with a courier company and cash on delivery only for orders within Greece.

Local Taxes

Please be informed that local taxes (sales taxes, customs duties) may differ depending on the geographical area and the respective Customs Authority. Any such costs are borne by the customer.


The company uses COOKIES, according to the electronic principle, valid from 25.07.2003. COOKIES are small documents stored on your personal computer that include information that helps the website identify and track the visitor. Cookies do not damage the computer, they exist only as text, do not contain viruses and do not occupy virtual memory on the hard disk. There are two types of cookies: “SESSION COOKIES” and cookies that are stored forever on the computer. The first type you use widely is “SESSION COOKIES”. When you visit a website, the web server places a unique identifier on the browser to avoid confusion with another user. A “SESSION COOKIE” is never permanently stored on your computer and disappears when you close your browser. To use our website without problems requires the use of cookies. The second type of cookies saves a folder permanently on your computer. This type is used to count website visitors. This only serves to offer the visitor better services and support. Texts can be deleted. In our company we use these types of cookies to track the shopping cart and maintain visitor statistics. The information stored on your computer is just a unique number with no reference to personal data.

Additional Info

The company reserves the right to modify any information, including but not limited to price, technical characteristics, terms of purchase and offer of products without prior notice. In case a product is sold out, the company has the inalienable right to cancel the order and return the amount received in the best way. The company will also inform customers about a possible product to be replaced if available.